Jeg har oppdaget sakprosa! I det siste har jeg lest ut tre på rappen, og holder nå på med The Bling Ring av Nancy Jo Sales. Det heter seg at «truth is stranger than fiction», og jeg er enig. The Bling Ring er kanskje ikke den beste boka jeg har lest, men herrefred for en historie. For dere som ikke helt vet hva jeg snakker om:



Her er det beste så langt:

But it was clear the appeal of the Bling Ring story wasn’t just the wealthy kids; it was one of those stranger-than-fiction tales that hits the Zeitgeist at its sweet spot, with its themes of crime, youth, celebrity, the Internet, social networking (the kids had been advertising their criminal doings on Facebook), reality television, and the media itself, all wrapped up in one made-for-TV movie (which didn’t exist yet, but would).

[It was] begging the age-old question of  «What is self?» (And, «If I post something on Facebook and no one «likes» it, do I exist?»

In my Vanity Fair piece for example, Alexis* tells me how she thinks she might «lead a country» some day. Her comment wasn’t directly related to the burglaries- but perhaps it was. At 18, she was already convinced of the power of her pseudo-fame.

Our history is full of alarms over the behavior of teenagers. Apparently we’ve been asking «What is wrong with kids today?» since the Puritans, who were obsessed with the salvation of children’s soul and worried kids were leading us to ruination.


*Alexis var en av innbruddstyvene i The Bling Ring.